Thursday, July 29, 2010

IPR Top Mount Intercooler for 05-09 Legacy GT & 08-10 WRX!!

Only $599! Coated in any color you choose!

The massive bar and plate Import Performance Research top mount intercoolers for your 08-10 Subaru WRX bolt to the stock turbo piping with slight trimming to your factory engine cover. These TMICs will also accommodate a stock or stock replacement blow-off valve. The IRP TMIC flows 200% better and it will not fall apart like the stock tmic.

Features and Benefits
  • Thermal Dispersant Coating helps reduce heat by 20%
  • Low restriction external fins
  • Leading Bar and Plate is efficient for strength
  • Light weight
  • Core Thickness configuration up to 200% More
  • Race and street proven performance
  • Pressured tested and guaranteed
  • Units are 11x10.8x4 inches
The volume is almost doubled, and the internal passages are .375" as opposed to the stock's .2": resulting in a large performance increase and the capability to handle more boost.

WRX 2008-10 Fits no additional mods.
Legacy GT 05-09
Legacy Outback Turbo 05+ have tight clearance with clutch master cylinder. Fitment requires reclocking of turbo.

Black and silver in stock. All other colors take an additional week for coating.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Subaru offering Internet option on 2011 Outback

If you are frequently trying to find a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, maybe the new Subaru Outback is for you.

The automaker will be offering Wi-Fi in its 2011 Subaru Outback, and offers Internet access for 10 or more users up to 150 feet around the car. The device is a $499 option, plus a $35 activation fee. Subaru is providing the first three months for free, and then its $29 a month.

General Motors and Chrysler offer similar setups, and we were kind of confused as to why this whole idea makes sense. But then we found this handy chart showing the costs of a variety of smart phones, and now the whole Internet-in-your-car thing seems a lot more desirable.

For 24 months, the Subaru plan will cost you $1,164. The average iPhone user is paying $2,838 for that same timeframe.

Obviously it doesn't make sense for everyone -- only folks who are often in and around their vehicles and can stand to be disconnected while they walk away for a bit. And, naturally, this price equation doesn't factor in the price of a brand new Subaru Outback, which goes for $22,995.

But at least you can drive it, and not just stare at it and poke at it.

The folks over at Kicking Tires say it doesn't make sense to get in-car WiFi, because you can just buy a mobile hotspot and carry it with you for cheaper. Which is another option.

-- Sharon Silke Carty/Drive On

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bugatti Announces 268mph Veyron Super Sport

Improving upon the Veyron’s already impressive 1,001 horsepower, Bugatti engineers have fitted the Super Sport model’s 8.0L sixteen-cylinder engine with larger turbochargers and intercoolers, resulting in a massive 1,200 horsepower and 1,106 lb-ft or torque. To cope with that added power, the Super Sport features a revised chassis and improved suspension, allowing for lateral acceleration up to 1.4 G.


But the real story of the Super Sport is its incredible top speed. Using Volkswagen’s 13-miles Ehra-Lessien test track, Bugatti test driver Pierre-Henri Raphanel was able to pilot the Veyron Super Sport to a landspeed record-setting top speed of 267.91mph. That mark was reached by averaging the Super Sport’s two test runs, the first topping out at 265.96mph and the second at 269.86mph. The Guinness Book of Records was on hand to verify the record.


2 Amazing Porches cruising through Tokyo

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pikes Peak 2010 - Jeff Zwart In Car

Driver Jeff Zwart in a Porsche GT3 Cup runs Pikes Peak and sets a new record for the Time Attack 2WD class - 11:31.095 - taking the Pikes Peak Time Attack championship for 2010.

Pikes Peak 2010 - Jeff Zwart In Car from Will Roegge on Vimeo.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Fortune Auto Redline Time Attack 2010

Fortune Auto Time Attack cars built and tuned by Atlantic Motorsports. Piloted by Whit Staples and Todd Reid. First Place Podium at Redline Time Attack in Street Tire Class at New Jersey Motorsports Park.

Fortune Auto Redline Time Attack 2010 from fortuneauto on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 1, 2010