Thursday, July 29, 2010

IPR Top Mount Intercooler for 05-09 Legacy GT & 08-10 WRX!!

Only $599! Coated in any color you choose!

The massive bar and plate Import Performance Research top mount intercoolers for your 08-10 Subaru WRX bolt to the stock turbo piping with slight trimming to your factory engine cover. These TMICs will also accommodate a stock or stock replacement blow-off valve. The IRP TMIC flows 200% better and it will not fall apart like the stock tmic.

Features and Benefits
  • Thermal Dispersant Coating helps reduce heat by 20%
  • Low restriction external fins
  • Leading Bar and Plate is efficient for strength
  • Light weight
  • Core Thickness configuration up to 200% More
  • Race and street proven performance
  • Pressured tested and guaranteed
  • Units are 11x10.8x4 inches
The volume is almost doubled, and the internal passages are .375" as opposed to the stock's .2": resulting in a large performance increase and the capability to handle more boost.

WRX 2008-10 Fits no additional mods.
Legacy GT 05-09
Legacy Outback Turbo 05+ have tight clearance with clutch master cylinder. Fitment requires reclocking of turbo.

Black and silver in stock. All other colors take an additional week for coating.


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